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When staying with a host family, you will become a guest, and guests must follow household rules. Here are some of the guidelines and responsibilities to help you make your homestay experience an enjoyable one.

  1. Always ask questions if you are not sure about something! It may take a few days to get know each other.

  2. Do not bring strangers to the house without permission from the host family.

  3. If you want to bring a friend home, please ask your homestay family in advance if it is all right to do so. Do not forget to confirm the visiting hours with your host family.

  4. Always let your host family know what time you will be home. Host families can get extremely worried about your safety.

  5. If you plan to eat out, please call your host family at least 2 hours in advance and let them know that you will eat out.

  6. Find out when you can receive calls and for how long you can keep the phone busy. If you make long distance calls from the host family's home, you must use a calling card or make collect calls.

  7. Washing your laundry - consult with your host family upon arrival about how and when you can wash your laundry.

  8. Bathroom – If you are sharing a bathroom with other members of the family, please find out when is the best time to have a shower and for how long. It is your responsibility to provide your own bathroom supplies such as towels, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste etc…

  9. Cleanliness – You are responsible for keeping your room clean. You are expected to remove your plate and utensils from the table after meals. However, you are not required to do home chores such as baby sitting, gardening, house cleaning…etc

  10. Don't forget to turn off the lights! Turn off the TV or radio when you are not using them.

  11. Dial 911 in emergency situations to reach an ambulance or the police.

  12. You should have medical insurance that covers any medical expenses that may happen during your stay in Canada. Make sure to show proof of insurance and emergency contact details to a AHA representative and the host family upon arrival. Insurance can also be purchased in Canada within the first five days of your arrival.

  13. Neither the host family nor AHA-Abbotsford Homestay Agency  takes any responsibility for your medical or emergency medical expenses.

  14. Also AHA–Abbotsford Homestay Agency does not assume any responsibility for any injuries you suffered while in the host family's care. Please consider getting insurance that covers both health care and emergency medical.

  15. If any physical or verbal abuse occurs, the student or visitor will be removed from the home immediately. The incident will be reported to the police and legal actions taken. (Applies to both the student/visitor or host

  16. If you have any concerns that you cannot discuss with your host family, please contact your Abbotsford Homestay Agency Representative and/or your parents or your guardian as soon as you can.

  17. If you accompany your host family on holidays, outings, or trips, you must pay for travel arrangements, admission tickets and personal expenses. The host family will pay for homestay and food.

  18. Canadian multicultural society is what international students are bound to learn and experience on a daily basis. At AHA in Abbotsford, we make sure that we accept families that are willing to speak English with the student at all times in order to improve the student's English language skills.

  19. International students who do a Canadian homestay must be willing to learn about and accept possible differences in Canada’s multicultural society, for
    example: the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, women's rights, freedom of speech, environmental protection, and animal rights.

  20. As a user of this website and our company services and as a potential homestay applicant, you must agree to our privacy policy. If you receive any information or material from us regarding homestay placement, the information and materials provided to you must remain confidential and must only be used for the purpose of making a decision regarding accepting or rejecting a homestay offer. Here is our privacy policy

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